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Caffe D'Amore Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Base Mix 2 lb Can
Caffe D'Amore Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Base Mix 2 lb Can
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Health Benefits of Ginger
Health Benefits of Chocolate
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Health Benefits of Ginger Enjoy the health Benefits of Eating Ginger
Enjoy the Health Benefits of ginger

Ginger: Fat Fighter?
Scottish research finds ginger may combat obesity:
Journal of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research recently published the findings from a study conducted by researchers at Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health in Aberdeen. Their report shows that mice given a special diet mimicking the high fat content of foods eaten by many overweight adults were less likely to gain weight if also fed ginger every day.

Ginger vs Prostate Cancer
Researchers uncover anti-cancer properties of whole ginger extract:
British Journal of Nutrition has published a study conducted by researchers at Georgia State University which explores the anti-cancer benefits of ginger. While much research has been performed on gingers cancer-fighting properties, the new report looks at the combined effect of all ginger components rather than isolating specific compounds.

Ginger for Sore Muscles
From the New York Times Health blog, Karen Barrow wrote:
In this week’s “Really?” column, Anahad O’Connor examines whether ginger, the popular remedy for a queasy stomach, can also reduce soreness after exercise. In one study, he writes:

"Scientists recruited 74 adults and had them do exercises meant to induce muscle pain and inflammation. Over 11 days, the subjects ate either two grams of ginger a day or a placebo. Ultimately, the ginger groups experienced roughly 25 percent reductions in exercise-induced muscle pain 24 hours after a workout.

In a similar double-blind study, scientists compared what happened when subjects consumed either two grams of ginger or a placebo one day and then two days after exercise. The ginger appeared to have no effect shortly after ingestion. But it was associated with less soreness the following day, leading the researchers to conclude that ginger may help “attenuate the day-to-day progression of muscle pain.”

Ginger and Fat Burning
Nova Ferrington, Yahoo! Contributor Network wrote, "If you are dieting or just trying to watch your weight, there are certain foods well known as fat burners, meaning that they naturally help your body burn extra calories. As always, the key is to not go to extremes with any one food. If you have allergies or other health problems, it would be best to talk it over with your doctor before radically changing your diet.

Certain spices are counted as fat burners, and one is cinnamon. Research done on cinnamon proved that as little as a quarter teaspoon added to food, helps your body to rid itself of sugar 20 times faster. It also lowers your bodys blood-sugar levels.

Another food in that type of category is ginger. Ginger expands blood vessels, increasing body heat, which burns fat 20% more quickly then if you hadnt consumed it. It can be found in teas, or you can buy it fresh, at a local health food store. Ginger also detoxifies your body and stimulates circulation.

Another food that increases your body heat is garlic. Although you wont have the freshest breath (!), garlic has many healing powers, and has been used for curing ailments for centuries. It is a natural antibiotic. It destroys bacteria and because it is a blood sugar regulator, it will speed up the fat burning process. It is said to keep your insulin levels lower, which also maximizes the fat burning process.

Almost all foods that are rich in Vitamin C, act as fat burners, including limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon and apples. Many vegetables are the same, such as broccoli, cabbage, celery, and carrots. Broccoli and cabbage contain high quantities of calcium and vitamin C. The reason Vitamin C is a fat burner, is because it dilutes the fat and makes it less effective. It also causes the fat to be able to be flushed out of the system more quickly. Another ingredient in fruit is pectin, which is especially found in apples. Pectin limits the fat that is absorbed by your cells.

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01.Choceur Dark Chocolate with Roasted Whole Hazelnuts 200 g
02.Choceur Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Wafers 180g/6.3oz
03.Choceur Coconut Crunch white chocolate Bar 200 g
04.Choceur Milk Chocolate Bars with Strawberry Bits & Yogurt Creme
05.Choceur Rich Dark Chocolate Tablets 1.4oz/40g (5 Tablets)
06.Moser-Roth Dark European Chocolate with Chili 125 g
07.Moser-Roth Premium Milk Chocolate Bars 125 g
08.Choceur Coffee & Cream Chocolate Bar 200 g
09.Choceur Milk Chocolate bar with creme filling 200 g
10.Moser Roth Toffee Crunch Premium Milk Chocolate Bar (125 grams)
11.Choceur Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut, Corn Flakes and Ric
12.Choceur Milk Chocolate Bar with Raisins and Hazelnuts (200 grams
13.Moser Roth 85% Premium Dark Chocolate Bar (125 grams)
14.Moser Roth Premium 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 125 g
15.Moser-Roth Dark European Chocolate with Mint 125 g
16.Schogetten 65% Dark Chocolate 100 g
17.Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls with Mint 1.5 oz (18ct)
18.Moser-Roth Dark European Chocolate - Orange and Almond 125 gram
19.Choceur Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds 150g/5.29oz
20.Godiva Milk Chocolate Pearls 1.5 oz (18ct)
21.Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls 1.5 oz (18ct)
22.Schogetten Cookies and Cream Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
23.Choceur 45% Dark Chocolate - Rich Chocolate Pieces 8.1oz/229.6g
24.Choceur Hazelnut Crunch Tablets 1.4oz/40g (5 tablets)
25.Choceur Milk Hazelnut Crisp Chocolate Bar 200 g
26.Choceur Milk Chocolate Tablet Bars 1.4oz/40g (5 tablets)
27.Choceur Creamy Caramel Chocolate Pieces 9 oz/255g
28.Choceur Fine White Chocolate Bar 200 g
29.Choceur Milk Chocolate with CRUNCHY crisped rice 7.05oz/200g
30.Choceur Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (24 Single Serve Cups) 360grams
31.Choceur marzipan Covered in Dark Chocolate 3.35oz
32.Dolcetto Wafer Rolls - CHOCOLATE 12oz
33.Nirvana 72% Dark Chocolate with Toffee and Sesame Seeds 3.5oz (1
34.Godiva Milk Chocolate with Almonds Chocoiste Bar 1.5 oz (24 pack
35.Hammonds Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar 2.25 oz (12 ct)
36.Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows 1oz (10ct) - Choceur
37.Benton Wafer Rolls 13.5oz Canisters
38.Choceur Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 340g Bag
39.Choceur Milk Chocolate - Smooth Chocolate Pieces 8.1oz/229.6g
40.Choceur Nutty Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 200 g
41.Hammonds Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Bar 2.25 oz (12 c
42.Milka Creamy Dark Chocolate Bar 3.52 oz (10 Bars)
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Virginia Diner Butter Toasted Peanuts Can 10oz
Virginia Diner Butter Toasted Peanuts Can 10oz
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